The Problem

  • Corruption and unethical conduct is one of the most significant roadblocks to progress in global health
  • We currently have little knowledge on the scope of misconduct and all of its various manifestations
  • Corruption is an extreme on a spectrum that includes inefficiency and irresponsibility
  • Approaches to addressing unethical conduct and corruption have primarily been quantitative, focusing on fiscal oversight
  • Corruption is often suspected in business and politics, but public sector and health sector corruption is also prevalent but under-recognized/under-addressed

Our Goals

  • This project aims to bring a qualitative voice to addressing corruption and unethical conduct in the global health and development public sector (NGOs/Nonprofits)
  • We hope to create a space for those who have personal experiences with organizations at the ground-level, namely recipients of services and those working as staff and volunteers
  • We are aiming to create a typology of unethical conduct in global health to help create stronger standards of what ethical behavior should look like


  • Addressing unethical behavior is extremely complicated, especially from a narrative, subjective perspective
  • Our view is that a single story is an opinion, but hundreds become closer to reality
  • We are not trying to make global healthcare delivery more challenging, but we are hoping to make it more ethically sound

We are looking to start this important dialogue but we are very open to suggestions!