The Importance, and Challenge, of Language

The Global Health Watch requires many working parts that we don’t want to take for granted. First, it requires that people are able to write their narrative, or have someone who is willing to write it for them; thus, it requires literacy, to some level. This is a substantial challenge in many parts of the world that we are most concerned about.

It requires that our form is available in the language of the storyteller. Right now, we have the 5 most prevalent languages in the world which still covers only ~25% of the human population.

loy7zvoIt requires that they or someone they know has access to the internet, and can post their narrative. In effect, there are millions that won’t be able to tell their story as our efforts currently stand.

This is why we need to build a movement. We need to move volunteers, staff, visitors, neighbors and more who interact with the global health public sector to tell the stories of the poor. To tell the stories of villagers; of people in slums; of people in trouble; of people in struggle; of people without hope.

This is at the heart of our work. The challenge is real. It is complicated. It is not impossible.

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