Tell Your Story

We are looking to collect anonymous personal narratives from individuals who have worked in or are recipients of services from the global health/development sector, namely NGOs and non-profit organizations. We are creating space for dialogue and reporting on instances that are ethically questionable, irresponsible, inefficient, or at the far end of the spectrum, outright corrupt. We are aiming to create a typology of unethical conduct to help inform global health practitioners and create more ethical delivery systems.

Unethical conduct is one of the biggest barriers to global health success, causing a waste of resources, an exploitation of poverty, and a disheartening for those who are hopeful for better lives. We need to address it now. Our survey is available at the following link in 5 languages (English, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic).



Creating Voice for the Voiceless

One of the fundamental premises of The Global Health Watch (GHW) is to amplify the voices of those who traditionally are unheard and unrepresented. At the most vulnerable level, we have villagers, slum dwellers, refugees, political prisoners, ethnic minorities, children, women, the elderly, the disabled, LGBTQ communities… the list goes on. Among them, we have …